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Selection from cycling enthusiasts who are capable of promoting cycling among students in Trivandrum Corporation and adjoining panchayats.

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According to the data obtained from Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, about 2527 vehicles are newly added to vehicle population every day In Kerala. The second most vehicle population was recorded in Trivandrum District (12.5%). The Motor vehicle population is increasing at an alarming rate. The Air quality index for PM 2.5 was recorded as Poor Quality standard. This in-turn affect the health status of the people residing inside the city. Cycling is a must for reducing the ill effects of our serene city environment.

We are in the midst of a global health crises, and the youngest members of society are being hit the hardest. Cities that want to be fit for the future understand that means also being ‘Fit for Children’. The concept of a Junior Bicycle Mayor could provide an important part of the solution.

Childhood obesity is increasing at soaring rates and more than 90% of all children are breathing toxic air – leading to 900,000 child deaths every year. However, in Amsterdam rates of obesity are in fact decreasing substantially and Dutch children are described by UNICEF as some of the happiest and healthiest in the world. Why is this? The fact that as many as 75% of Dutch secondary school students cycle every day is a major factor. We understand the need for cycling infrastructure like cycling lanes, cycle parking areas to make our city safer and more conducive for cycling. In this regard children can play a big role in impressing upon the general people and the authorities about the need to promote cycling.


  • To promote cycling among students
  • To accentuate the sustainable development ideas among students
  • To increase awareness about road safety rules among students
  • To develop leadership and organizational skills among students
  • To develop social networking skills among students
  • To form Bicycle Brigades in schools

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  • School authorities should nominate the student coordinator and one/two other students - Boy/Girl/Transgender for “Junior Bicycle Mayor” (Class 7th to 12th). Ensure representation from all genders.
  • School authorities have to nominate the candidates through this link (Click here) or visit www.induscyclingembassy.com
  • Clubs/Environmental/social organisations can also nominate students for the selection of Junior Bicycle Mayor through this link (Click here) or visit www.induscyclingembassy.com
  • Selection of Junior Bicycle Mayor will be published through Indus Cycling embassy website www.induscyclingembassy.com and Face book handles
  • Candidates will shortlisted by the Bicycle Mayor as per below mentioned Activity Point criteria and the marks obtained in the interviews by panel of experts
  • One student each will be shortlisted from applicants in each gender.
  • Short listed candidates will be finally interviewed online by eminent Personalities in Trivandrum headed by Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum
  • Last date of submission of application is 10th June 2021
  • Junior Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum will be announced on 3rd July, 2021.

NB: Selection procedure has been revised in the context of Corona Pandemic, strictly adhering to the Kerala Government directives and upholding the spirit of Break the Chain Campaign.

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Sl.No. Area Activity Points
1 Introduction Prepare and submit an introductory video about yourself and why you want to participate in Junior Bicycle Mayor selection
Keep it short, precise and creative. Duration of the video must be less than 3 minutes.
2 Voluntary activities Mention any 3 relevant activities of yours, such as in sports, volunteer work (NSS, NCC, SPC, Palliative Care, Environmental work etc.) etc., with documents if any. 30
3 Vision for Cycling Elaborate on 3 of your objectives if you are selected as the Junior Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum (This shall include in forming a Bicycle Brigade in their respective Schools) 15
4 Cycling Policy(Personal) What do you feel about the role of bicycles in the post covid era? How the Government policies to be framed for promoting Cycling.
Participants should send their three minutes video
5 Cycling Policy(Public) Post similar videos of opinions of people (Parents, Teachers etc.) in social media 5
6 Online workshop/Webinar Organise a cycling workshop along with the Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum in your school 20
7 Benefits of cycling Give a 10 minutes presentation on the benefits of cycling  during the cycling workshop conducted along with the Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum 20
8 Bicycle Brigade Start Bicycle Brigade at your school with minimum 5 students (excluding you) 20
9 Panel Interview Online interviews with a distinguished panel of experts ( Representatives of Cycling Clubs in Trivandrum, Environment/Social organisations & Bicycle Mayors of Kerala) . Interviews will be carried from 15th June to 30th June 2021. 30
10 Final Interview Final Interview of short listed candidates by eminent personalities headed by Bicycle Mayor Trivandrum  100

Note: All the documents to be mailed to bicyclemayortrivandrum@gmail.com

Junior Bicycle Mayor

  • Ambassador of cycling among Bicycle Brigades
  • The title “ Junior Bicycle Mayor” will given in the convocation ceremony on July 3rd jointly by the Hon. Mayor Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation and Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum
  • The Junior Bicycle Mayor will get opportunities to represent the city in national level Cycling promotion events
  • The Junior Bicycle Mayor will get opportunities to speak at different platforms about cycling and its benefits.
  • The Junior Bicycle Mayor will strive for making Trivandrum safer for Children to commute in cycles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can be nominated ?
A. Any student between the ages 12 to 16 and studying between classes 6th to 11th in any school from Trivandrum can be nominated by staff coordinator of bicycle brigades

Q. Who is appointing Junior Bicycle Mayor?
​Bicycle Mayor appoints the junior bicycle Mayor on behalf of BYCS

Q. What kind of a position is this?
​The Junior Bicycle Mayor is an honorary position. Holding the position will earn you respect and develop your leadership, organisational and public speaking skills. It is a position given to honor you for your abilities to perform the mentioned activities above.

Q. How long will I remain in the position?
A. Once selected the JUNIOR BICYCLE MAYOR will stay in the position for one year. If JUNIOR BICYCLE MAYOR wish to step down before the term ends with prior information. JUNIOR BICYCLE MAYOR can apply for the position next year also if comes under the age limit.

Q. Is there any probation period?
A. Yes, there is a probation period of 3 months . If your performance is found not satisfactory you will be stripped of the post and the next eligible candidate will be appointed by Bicycle Mayor and the same will be intimated to BYCS.

Q. Is there any report to be submitted by me?
A. Yes every three months you have to submit your report of activities to Bicycle Mayor Trivandrm.

Q. Who is authorized to take an action against me?
A. Bicycle Mayor Trivandrum

Q. Is there any registration or application fees?
A. No you do need to pay any money for applying for the position.

Q. Will I get any money or salary for doing my work as School Bicycle Captain or Junior Bicycle Mayor?
A. No money will be paid to you for taking up the activities or traveling as Junior Bicycle Mayor.

Initiated by

The Junior Bicycle Mayor program is being initiated in Trivandrum by the Bicycle Mayor of Trivandrum– Prakash P Gopinath and endorsed by BYCS (www.bycs.org) ​​
Mob: 8089494442 ​​


​​The Bicycle Mayor & Leaders Network is a global initiative, by BYCS, to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities and help get another one billion people onto bikes.

Bicycle Mayors are a catalyst to bring together the public and private realms to uncover the massive economic, health, and environmental benefits of increased cycling capacity. They are uncovering new ideas, working with others to deliver action and promoting innovations that support better cycling for all.

Endorsed by

It is endorsed by BYCS, from Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

BYCS is a social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world.

They are driven by a clear and powerful mission called 50by30: whereby they envision half of all city trips to be made by bicycles by 2030.

Increasing cycling not only provides clean, accessible mobility solutions but also ensures better mental and physical health, promotes community strength, protects the environment and supports a sustainable economy. Cycling is more than transportation. It is transformation.

They appoint Bicycle Mayors in cities worldwide to take this mission forward.

Supported by

The JUNIOR BICYCLE MAYOR program in Trivandrum is supported by Indus Cycling Embassy and Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation

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