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“Bicycle Brigade” is a mission to promote cycling among the upper primary, high school, higher secondary school students of Kerala through the formation of a cyclist group in all schools. This mission also aims to facilitate a cycling culture in the student community as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation which is rather well of better health status.

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  1. To ensure that a school attained “ Cycle Literacy” ( all students of a school must learn cycling through this mission)
  2. To build a team of cycling enthusiasts.
  3. To aware students about the importance of cycling in this social scenario
  4. To build a compassionate student community
  5. To nourish leadership quality through interactions
  6. To explore the nearby areas through the cyclists’ group.
  7. To develop skills among students to maintain their cycles
  8. To spread the messages among society about the national and international observances and state government/corporation policies and projects.


The project is intended to be implemented across Kerala through different schools that come under the respective local self-government institut i ons of Kerala. As a pilot intervention, the project is planning to implement in Corporation of Trivandrum in association with Harithakeralam mission with Indus Cycling Embassy as the implementing agency

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